Monday, 7 April 2014


The new car finally arrived.
Only two days late.

Fortunately Steve made it home to take delivery of it.
His check list ranged from checking the number plates matched the reg given to us,  checking for dents and damage, having a look under the car at the cill's for more damage, same for the alloys, etc etc. All I can say is, " it's a good job I didn't have to check it ".

Still there were problems tho, the guy delivering it didn't bring trade plates to take away my old faithful Rav 4, so, we ended up giving him the tax disc which as part of the deal we were to claim back, the Nissan mats weren't supplied and other niggles too.
Steve will sort it.

This was old faithful.                                   This is new Nismo.

So far Steve has been out in it everyday, ummmm, I thought it was my car!

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