Thursday, 22 May 2014

Its all Blue'n'Brown

  A few weeks ago I went a bit canvas crazy and made lots.

It's background crazy, with texture paste and masks, treasure gold, paint and stamping with paint .
Loads a mess and loads of fun.

So, I pulled out a blue and brown one and thought great I have just the project.

I made some flowers with TH Tattered Flowers die, and dylusion inks, with more stamping on the flowers.  I stamped  leaves with paint and yes, stamped on top with archival ink.
Out came the trusty melt pot, in went most of the elements except the little white beady stems ( from experience they do not like the melts pot ).

I made a melt pot frame and put a melt pot bird in it, all stuck down with hot glue.

All done...
for now. 

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Beignets (doughnuts)

So, this is what they get up too when I'm out.....

Jess and her dad decided to do a spot of cooking while I was out, inspired by disney's Princess and the Frog.  Must admit they tasted gooooood!

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Sunday With Lin Brown

Well what a fun day.  

Arrived at The Bead Scene, Northants, with a few minutes to spare Rebecca and I settled down for an explosion of crafty madness. 

We began with a large flat canvas and covered it in different scrapbook papers using a multi medium to stick it all down, with a top coat of same medium  to seal it.
  We chose our colours, I stuck to the original colours as they would work well in my lounge, Blood Orange, Claret, Tango and Chartreuse all  Paperartsy  paints.
The home die cut and tulip were painted in the lightest colour. 
By the time that was done the canvas was dry. 

The sun was out and there was a super breeze to keep us from over heating.

A base layer of paint was painted all over the canvas, followed by a layer of stencilling using Lin's new Masks. Followed by a slightly watered down wash of paint in two tones to create depth. As my colours were translucent anyway I didn't have to add much water. This was dried and the fun began. 

After a quick demo, we began the main flower features. 

A stencil brush applied a layer of black paint through our chosen mask, then a layer of white paint at a slightly different angle to give the impression of a dark shadow around the flower,  the mask was placed covering the white completely then stencilled through using the lightest shade again, then adding  the next shade but covering less of the petals and same again with the darkest shade at just the tips. 
The Poppy seed heads were stencilled in the same way,  the only difference was that once painted the stems were covered and script was stamped through the mask onto the seed heads. 

Dry brushing was added to the home die cut edges. The tulip was also stamped on to add interest, this was layered up and stuck together along with a bit more dry brushing. Words were stamped  onto painted card and cut out.  The edges were inked and  added to the canvas. A bit of bling was added to the tulip and the home die cut.

A JOFY mini stamp was stamped in black along the bottom edge, the flowers were painted in snowflake then when dry painted over with  chartreuse.
At this point it was past four o'clock and I was ready to go home.

Next day, with a fresh look at it, Cleaning done, etc, etc. I decided to stamp some of JOFY mini flowers onto painted card, I  cut out the shapes and shaped the petals, then added some treasure gold to the edges and created centres from hot glue and black glitter and added them to the canvas.

I also added a little more stencilling at the top of the picture and in Honey Dew and wiped Tango over the top. To finish I added a bit of cream cotton lace along the die cut lace.
This was my version, very happy with the end result.
And this was  Lin's original.
All of the class did a variety of different colours they all looked fab..
Well done everyone.

Monday, 12 May 2014


Well, Sunday the 11th May, was my very first workshop held at Mountain Ash Crafts.

All went well, the ladies were lovely and I didn't feel stressed at all (whilst in the class).
We did a project that I put together back in March which was basically a card in a box with a  few paint techniques.

We failed to finish the project as we only had two hours and although I can throw things together quickly, when you have a number of people together you need a little more time. The ladies, however, were great and took away photos to finish it off at home.

In true style, I forgot to take photos.
Sometimes I feel a little brain dead but next time I will try to do better.


Saturday, 3 May 2014

Paperartsy 3UP Challenge

Well, HUGE shock, I managed to get myself picked out of the hat for the next round in the Paperartsy 3UP challenge. I must admit I thought I didn't have a chance and was in complete shock when the envelope appeared on my doormat and even more shocked with the amount of time to get it done and dusted, at this point I had a slight panic attack.  Fortunately it was followed by an e-mail extending the deadline date. Phew! 

Anyhow panic over, I pulled myself together and got stuck in, here is a tiny snippet. 

To see  more nip on over to the Paperartsy Blog  there you will find lots of  super inspiration and projects from other 3UP entrants, not forgetting  a proper full image of my creation.


Thursday, 1 May 2014

May Journal 2014

The past few days are a bit of a blur, surprise, surprise.

However, I did manage to prepare my May 2014 page. Using mainly Lin Brown Limited Edition Paperartsy  Paints, love these colours they give me a warm glow when I use them.
I brayered the colours onto the pages adding only a tad of seaweed.
Chalk, Tikka, Chantreuse and Seaweed were stippled onto the pages through a mask.  I liked the effect and didn't want to distract from the paint techniques, so, I added the journal blocks and left it alone, less is more etc, etc.

Here is May 2014

Here is May 2013

Can't wait to  have a go at June. Pop on over to Kate Crane to see other Journal entries.