Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Wanderlust week 4 - 6

Week 4 - activities, not allowed to share part of it as it is a year long challenge.
What I can share is a Journal page using 3 colours with as much black white and grey as you want, written prompt was, "I am ready.......". 
Week 5 - There is no final. basically this was an exercise in putting down a single or double layer as a base on several pages to return to at a later date, Ummm not much to show there I'm afraid.
Week 6 - Amanda Grace, The Love letter. This for me is a work in progress as its not my cup a tea. I get the layers and texture, but opening up your inner most thoughts is well, not me.
If you would like to check out her blog you can find it here.
Sue X

Wanderlust Week 7

Week 7 on wanderlust is the turn of Clair Bremner, check out her blog here.  Also, its not to late to join in Wanderlust check it out here if you fancy experiencing a range artistic experiences.
If you visit Clair's blog check out the workshops section, there is a free video showing her process.
This was my first effort and was/is very addictive,  if  you use the right brushes for the different techniques life is a lot easier too.
This was done on a canvas board.
This was  my second done in my journal.

Hope you like them.
Sue X

Wanderlust Week 3 - Parts 2 +3

The aim of part 2+3 was to use printed  copies of the ink draw and coloured in versions to create a further couple of pages.
I had to wait for a delivery of printer ink before I could complete this so in the meantime had a another go at drawing, this time completely free hand definitely no pencil guide lines.
This is my second inked version.
(Yet to colour this one.)
This one was a colour copy of the original, cut out twice and glued to journal page then enhanced with a variety of gelatos'  and other media.
This version was a photo copy of the inked uncoloured picture to which different colours were used.

Sue X

Extention Part 2

Well here we are a few weeks on and left over winds from storm Doris about to hit. Wouldn't you know it we have half a roof attached and well I guess by tomorrow we may not have a roof at all.
Here are some photos so far.

I Came home one day to see Tom checking up on the build quality.
This is how we look today, the builders arrived at 9.00am checked for leaks (which there were in our bedroom). They promptly covered them over, I guess with more plastic sheeting then were gone by 9.10am  Ummmm, me thinks they have another job on too. Now you see them and now you don't.


Lets see what happens in the storm tomorrow.

And this one was just for fun, the cat went out this morning in the dry a few minutes later she returned and sat on the step. It obviously began to rain and well she didn't move until I let her back in. This is what remained.
Sue X
ps. will try and post some more crafty stuff soon.