Tuesday, 1 April 2014

April Fools Day

April 1st, 2014.

Today I was suppose to be having my first ever brand spanking new car.

The company delivering it messed up and forgot to put it on the schedule, hubby is fuming as he took day off to check it out and make sure all was good, I'm fuming as hubby is now working from home in the dining room come craft room so can't make anything. 

 My brother has been rushed into hospital with appendicitis, whilst on route to hospital with mum in the car who is, chatting about how much pain my brother is in etc, etc, I'm concentrating on the flow of traffic as you do, I notice a big van at the bottom of a hill with blacked out windows. by this point it's far to late, I look at the speedo and yes I'm over the speed limit, yes the van is a police speed camera van. I guess they'll  have a whole lot of fines going out in one go as there was a line of traffic in front of me too.
I do get very attached to my cars, my first ever car was a lilac singer chamois, basically a Hilman Imp, sports model of course with a walnut dash trim. It was a death trap, things used to fall off it including the fan belt which I watched bounce off from under the boot and down someone's drive in my mirror just like a comedy moment, my friends and I took ten minutes to locate it and took it in the next pub with us saying to the lads in the pub, "this just fell off the car, is it important".
The reply was, " How is the car still moving it's your fan belt".

On another occasion whilst driving around the island by the same pub, all four donut shaped rubbers on the wheel axels split apart. As designated driver I had to steer the car onto the pub carpark, leaving the girls to, urm, push the vehicle to the car park. Luckily some strapping lads felt sorry for the girl with the car that was older than she was and helped push it too. 

It also set on fire and yes it was on the same pub carpark.  Young trendy pub full of young peeps (was over 25 years ago), just got my orange juice and the DJ asks for the owner of said vehicle to go to the bouncers. We thought it was a joke so joyfully ignored this.  Two minutes later with a bit more urgency, "Will the owner of the Imp please go to your car, IT'S ON FIRE". OOOOOPS!!

It eventually went to the scrapyard in the sky when my dad refused to repair it any more.

Happy Days

The  cars that followed were, an old Ford Escort Estate(red), a Rover with a Honda engine(silver), a Suzuki Cappuccino (two seater, tiny car red), Honda Civic Black 5door hatchback and the last one a Rav4 (silver gold colour), now yo be replaced with a Nissan Juke Nismo Black bits of red with a 
button which increases performance in sports mode. Think that may be a bad idea considering today's events.

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