Saturday, 19 March 2016

Art Doll Number 2

After the success of my first doll, purely my opinion of course. I decided I needed o do another, just in case it was a fluke.
Well the ideas were flowing and literally kept me awake at night, I needed wire so much so that hubby went into the garage and found me some, bless him.

I began by making a wire base for my project which incidentally was a mermaid art doll, after about two days the wire work was complete, yes! two days.
The framework was partly covered by masking tape leaving bits of wire showing, then a layer of  fabric plaster which you dip into water and smooth over your project then leave to dry. Sorry forgot to photograph that bit.

A layer of texture paste was added by using the tip of the palette knife to create the scale effect.
A face was created with paper clay, I would have used a mould but I didn't have one big enough so I had to go free hand (not bad if I do say so myself, blowing my own trumpet again. Lol).
Cheesecloth was added overlapping the gaps in the wire just for more texture and I thought it looked good.
The face was left to dry out ummm! Another few days drying time.
Metal embellishments,  large art stones and a couple of boob like shells were added to enhance the doll and create a barnical look attached to the body and tail.
Strings of coiled wire made the hair this was then coloured with Paperartsy paints along with the torso and face. Metallic paints were used to colour the tail and head wear in different tones of blue (and the shell boobs).

Lovely rusty ribbon gave the hair thickness and colour along with micro beads to create a fringe.
More micro beads added detail with the addition of small shells, which also made a necklace for my mermaid doll.
A small seahorse embellishment was made from UTEE and a homemade mould, this was tied around the mermaids body with a tad of string.
I think I've covered everything, thank you once again Paperartsy for bringing up this challenge, you can find lots of art doll inspiration at
can find lots of wonderful inspiration   and to Rebecca who suggested we make an art doll, Rebecca's has now been posted you can find it here.
Here are a few more pictures.

Hope you like it.
Sue X


  1. Awesome I dunno leave you alone for a bit & look what happens pretty cool
    Happy craftin

  2. I'm blown away by this! You're a real talent,

    Lucy x

  3. Wow!!! She's stunning Sue!
    Alison x


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