Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Santa's Slay

"Slay Bell's Ringing", etc.
 I made this on Tuesday with my Sister-in-law my slay was tiny in comparison to hers,
hence why no photos too busy gossiping, drinking tea and getting messy.
The MDF Slay had a few wooden snowflake embellishment's stuck to the sides and was given a coat of white gesso. Texture paste was added to the slay to add interest.
Small polystyrene balls were stuck to the top edge of the slay, treasure Gold in a mixture of White Fire Gold and Silver was added to highlight areas and also the edges were distressed with vintage photo distress ink.
The leaves were die cut and double dipped into two different greens, cones, berries and flowers finished the look.

White gesso was added to the top edges  and to the berries, flowers, leaves to give the impression of snow which was also glittered while it was wet.

Here is one side.

Here is the other side.

Here is a close up.
Hope you like it.
Sue X

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