Monday, 4 August 2014

Photo Dilemma

Yesterday evening, I decided to clear off some  photos from my phone and create space for other stuff.
Really, really bad move!

It appears if I remove them off my phone, it removes them off my blog.
In this world of technology everything is connected and if like me you haven't got a clue you don't stand much of a chance.
So then I spent hours trying to locate the photos on an external drive and replace them, only then to discover like a laptop or similar your photos go to a bin and hover there for ever until you do something else with them. 
When I discovered this, after three hours of getting distressed and cursing myself for being an idiot. I began messing about with the phone, it took another ten minutes to find out all you have to do is touch the photo and a little tick appears on it then you touch a little icon with an arrow in a sideways u shape (back button).
As if by magic the photos I couldn't find appeared back on the blog.

There is just one missing now from the first post I did with a beach hut, I think the easiest thing for me to do is take another picture and add it on in the usual manor.

 Live and learn!

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