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Mini Books

Mini Books

My current love is up-cycling books and giving them a new lease of life (after I've read it of course). Whether for a display of mini artwork, a more practical letter rack or even a photo display piece  it can all be made from an old book.

I have been asked to run a class on my previous post, "Book Love", so if you live in the West Midlands area get in touch with Sunrise Crafts in Wombourne and book yourself in for a few hours of mess and mayhem. It's taking place on Saturday the11th June if your interested.

Moving on, I came across an ensemble of mini travel journals/books finished sizes approximately
3" x 4.5" which, I thought, hey they look cute and easy to make. Emphasis of easy!
If you would like to check out the technique go to Jen of eve designs here.
There are step by step instructions on how to achieve a similar mini book.

Just in case you want a visual on the measurements here they are with a brief how to.

To begin cut 2, 9" x 12" card pieces in half to make 4 pieces measuring 4"1/2" x 12".

Use one piece and score as follows. 
 Measure 2" score, 5"1/8" score, 5"2/8" score, 5"3/8" score, 5"4/8" score.
Measure 8"7/8" score, 9" score, 9"1/8" score, 9"2/8" score.

The other 3 pieces cut in half to create 6 pieces of card measuring 4"4/8" X 6".
Measure 3" score and fold all 6 pieces.

These 6 pieces make 3 signatures made up from two of the folded cards. (A signature is the name given to a number of sheets of paper grouped together to create one of a set of signatures in a book. A book can be made up of one signature or many signatures, you can use as many sheets as you like to create a signature using all sorts of papers too, use your imagination).
You can add more pages as I have done either to make pockets or simply just more pages.

Decorating the long scored strip/cover piece  is your own choice, you can use  paints,  decoupaged papers, or inks as I have.
 Decorate both sides of this piece.
 To start with use archival ink and stamp images you like.

Then using  2 colours of distress ink build up the colour in a way you are happy with. Mist with water then lift off with a sheet of kitchen roll to leave a mottled effect.
The edges were then reinked and the whole piece sealed with a Matt glaze.
With the 2" score mark on your left fold towards you and glue along the two short edges, hold in place until dry, this creates a pocket.

You can ink the edges of the pages in your signatures to make them match your colour scheme and even add random stamping to make them more interesting.

Next up, making up the book. for this you will need a hole punch and 3 pieces of ribbon measuring Approximately 50".
The cover on the side where you have your 2" flap the next measurement was 5"1/8" followed by 3  score lines close together. Using the middle scored section as a guide for the hole punch measure up 1" from the outer edge and punch, turn the cover around using the same line as a guide go in from the opposite side and punch.

Punch holes the same distance from the edge on the signatures using the centre score line as a guide.

Thread the ribbon from the inside of the signature to the outside, do this to all three.

Group the three signature together and thread the three threads at the same time into the corresponding holes on the cover. Pull through nice and snug then tie in a knot.

The ribbons/threads should be long enough to wrap around the journal in opposite directions to meet at the front and tie in a bow.
Note when I make this book I make the top group of threads shorter than the bottom to make sure when tied around the book the bow appears equal in size.

I enjoyed making it so much I had to make another, and another, then I changed to size and made it slightly larger  finished article approximately 4" X  6".
Measurements below.
Begin with 4 strips 5"7/8" (Half of  11"6/8"x 16" of mixed media card (strange measurements as not exactly 12" x 16").

Take one piece and score as follows.
 Measure 3" score, 7"1/8" score, 7"2/8" score, 7"3/8" score, 7"4/8" score.
Measure 11"7/8" score, 12" score, 12"1/8" score,12"2/8" score.

The other 3 Cut in half to produce 6 pieces of card measuring 5"7/8" x 8".


Measures 4" score and fold all 6 pieces. Then follow the previous suggested decoration ideas or go for your own version.

Give it a go and you will become addicted too, enjoy.

Sue X

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