Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Twitty the Owl

Introducing twitty the Owl, Tuesday my sister in 
law and I spent a few happy messy hours making a canvas of a whimsy animal.
Just in case you don't recognise the animal it's an owl.
We began by painting the base, two blues and a green random blocks blended together with a dry brush technique. The darker colour was then used to stamp small dots and the green send to stamp the numbers. Spray ink lids were used to add the light blue/yellow circle splodges, the opposite end was used to create the dark rim.

Splatters of white were added to the canvas.
The Owl was added by making a white image from gesso and then adding the colour with watercolour pencils, gradually building up the colour tones to add the shape and bring  twitty to life.

A white sharpie added a few final details and hey messy paint day complete.

Sue X

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