Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Never Ending Birthdays

October is such a busy month in relation to birthdays, they seem to be multiplying like rabbits.
Last week hubby decided to update the laptop with the latest version of Windows. 
Downloading it went well, However, the online photo storage had to be reinstalled and we had to repurchase office as it wouldn't accept code for the version we had, outdated apparently.
As for adding photos to my blog, I'd rather not go there!
I ended up logging on via my phone and adding the photos that way.
Here is a photo of the "manly" cards made, using bistre pigment powders as a background, and a few black and white stamped images.

Almost forgot used a touch of glossy accent to highlight the trainers but you can't really tell on the photo.

I should be back up and running now that we have reinstalled windows internet browser, the cause of the photos not loading was a new browser called internet edge which came in the new windows package. This was automatically changed and supposed to be new and improved.
 Say no more.

Female cards next!

Sue X

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  1. The kids should be sick more often you're on a roll!
    Happy Craftin


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