Thursday, 4 December 2014

Workshop with Finnabair

I'm a very lucky bunny, for the second week in a row I was lucky enough to go and have a messy, painty Saturday morning.
After an early start and a quick drive down the A38 to arrive at the Artist Trading Post in Derby to start at 9am, we began our double canvas.
Well actually it was a single long canvas.
We began by plotting our design using our black and white photo as a starting point and building the design of the canvas around it.

Lace and canvas was added next all glued into position with 3d gel.
The flowers and metal embellishments were layered with what Finn refers to as Ugly buttons.
Basically buttons you may not want to use at any other time and in vivid colours (don't be put off the buttons as all the embellishments were painted white and blended in to create a base for the sprays).
A hot glue gun was used to add drips going down the canvas and yes everything was painted white except photo of course.
Then the messy spray bit began, two colours were sprayed onto the design and water spray was added to water down the ink and create more drips.
At this point time was running out we added a little charcoal pencil which was smudged in, followed by a small amount of stamping. 
It was at this point we had to leave as the next class were due in.

The canvas continued at home, more charcoal pencil was added around the embellishments 
treasure gold was added to highlight various bits and pieces.
Then beads were mixed with 3d gel and added around the embellished areas.
At this point I stopped as I didn't want to over do it.

Here is the finished project.

The colours don`t pop on these photos as I took them in rubbish lighting I will replace them asap.

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  1. Looking good! I have finished my amazing I know I might even day!
    Won't Georgie see it on here though?
    Happy craftin


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